Albums available                       189,000

Track cost                                   $0.09

Average cost / album                $1.08  ($0.09 x total number of tracks)

Payment Methods                      Visa / Mastercard

Bonus credits                              Up to 500 free songs (for $200 deposit)

Bitrates                                          Variable up to 192kBps

How does Legalsounds work?

Legalsounds is a pay in advance music store. You create an account by entering your email address and a password, then credit your account using a credit card. You browse the site, download the albums or tracks you want and your account decreases by the value of your downloads. Once you reach zero credit, you recharge your account and start again…..

Are my credit card details safe?

Legalsounds payments are made through, a third party credit card handler. Safe-Bill’s digital certificate is issued through Thawte, a well known digital certificate provider. There is a link to Thawte on the payment page to prove the security certificate is valid.

What music genres does Legalsounds provide?

The site lists about 30 broad genres – clicking on these drills down to albums, compilations or artists. These can then be sorted by name, date or popularity. A selection of up to date charts is available, but some more new releases can be shown as not yet available for download, although these normally appear after a few days. Navigation for artists / albums or tracks is not as straightforward as with some other sites – the interface and layout are not as good as for example Soundike, due to the small fonts used and more basic feel. The site has, however, been around for a long time, and does have a very varied music selection – it just takes a little effort to find what you are looking for.

 How do I download?

Legalsounds offers two download methods – either via the standard windows ‘save target as’ function or via their own download manager. The download manager is the easiest way to go, as it automatically downloads your selected tracks into individual folders per artist / album in your ‘my music’ folder. Artwork is not automatically downloaded, so you have to right click on the artwork in the download area and save the picture to the album folder. The download manager needs to be installed on your pc prior to buying music – this is straightforward and hassle free to install.

Any bells and whistles?

Not really – pretty basic

So how do we rate Legalsounds?

Music selection      9/10

Ease of use            7/10

Value for money     8/10

Overall     8/10

Legalsounds has been around for a long time, and of all of the sites we would recommend, is perhaps the least favourite. It does have a large selection of music, but the feel of the site is basic, and navigation is not as easy as with our other recommendations. It is however the second lowest priced site, although the bitrates offered are similar to Mp3Panda, which sells tracks at $0.05. It does have a bit of a cult following, but there are better sites out there. Close but no cigar.

Click Here To Visit Legalsounds

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