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Albums available                       193,000

Track cost                                  $0.05

Average cost / album               $0.50

Payment Methods                      Visa / Mastercard

Bonus credits                              Up to $25 & 15 free movie downloads at (for $79 deposit)

Bitrates                                          Variable around 200kBps

How does Mp3Panda work?

Like most other allofmp3-alikes, Mp3Panda isa pay in advance music store. You create an account by entering your email address and a password, then credit your account using a credit card. You browse the site, download the albums or tracks you want and your account decreases by the value of your downloads. Once you reach zero credit, you recharge your account and start again…..

Are my credit card details safe?

Payments to Mp3Panda are made through, a third party credit card handler. Safe-Bill’s digital certificate is issued through Thawte, a well known digital certificate provider. There is a link to Thawte on the payment page to prove the security certificate is valid.

What music genres does Mp3Panda provide?

This site has a massive and very broad music database. As well as the usual charts (eg USA, UK & Euro Top 40), and standard rock / pop / alternative / rap variations, it has a large jazz and classical library too. Other genres such as Latin, House, Indie and Drum & Bass are also well supported – you will have very unique tastes if you can’t find your particular genre here.

How do I download?

Mp3Panda doesn’t have the intuitive search function of some other sites. This is no great loss however – just type your artist / song or album into the search box and the site will return a clear list of all matches in it’s database. Once you’ve found the tracks you’re looking for, click on the whistling panda icon next to the song title for an instant streaming 30 second preview of the track! Purchasing music is simple – click on the download album icon (or download track) and your account will be debited by the relevant amount. Download speeds are good. Mp3Panda has launched its own download manager, promising faster downloads than the normal windows ‘save as’ standard feature. We’ll be checking this out soon…..

Any bells and whistles?

This site is so cheap it doesn’t really need any. However there is a free album download every day.

So how do we rate Mp3Panda?

Music selection      9/10

Ease of use            8.5/10

Value for money     9/10

Overall     9/10

The main thing that strikes you about Mp3Panda (apart from the slightly surreal colourscheme) is the price. This is the cheapest download site we know of – however the bitrates of the tracks are understandably lower (smaller files – less storage needed) – around 190kbps. If you only listen to music on your ipod / zune / personal mp3 player then this will be no problem. If you like to blast it out around your house, then you may want to download from a site that has higher bitrates available. The site is easy to navigate and has an amazing variety of music available. Recommended!

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