MP3Sale / Mp3Million  


Albums available                       not disclosed but enormous database

Track cost                                   €0.10

Average cost / album                €0.90 (20% discount applied to total number of tracks)

Payment Methods                      Visa / Mastercard

Bonus credits                              Up to €150 (for €75 deposit on Wednesdays……)

Bitrates                                          Variable up to 320kBps

How does Mp3Sale work?

This site operates as two mirrors – Mp3Sale and Mp3Million. The sites are identical apart from their logos (which are pretty damn close). Mp3Sale is a pay in advance music store. You create an account by entering your email address and a password, then credit your account using a credit card. You browse the site, download the albums or tracks you want and your account decreases by the value of your downloads. Once you reach zero credit, you recharge your account and start again….. Its worth noting that unusually, the site charges in euros (€) – just remember to convert before comparing prices.

Are my credit card details safe?

Payments to Mp3Sale are made through, a third party credit card handler. Safe-Bill’s digital certificate is issued through Thawte, a well known digital certificate provider. There is a link to Thawte on the payment page to prove the security certificate is valid.

What music genres does Mp3Sale provide?

This site has a massive and very broad music database. Genres are split into main genres, with sub genres underneath these, which makes navigating to types of music very easy. It offers all main western charts (USA, Canada, UK, Germany, Italy, France etc), and also it’s own Top 200. Navigation for artists / albums or tracks is straightforward, with the site offering a predictive list beneath the search box as you type. Additionally it has separate sections for compilations and soundtracks, which are sometimes difficult to find on other sites. Although the music database size is not revealed, the site has been around since 2004 and has a massive selection of music, including more rare / obscure tracks and albums not available anywhere else.

How do I download?

Once you’ve found the tracks you’re looking for, click on the speaker icon next to the song title if you’d like to hear a streaming 30 second preview of the track. Handy if you think you know the name of the song you’re looking for……Purchase individual tracks to download by checking the box next to the title, or download the entire album as a zip file, complete with artwork.  Your account will then be debited by the relevant amount. Download speeds are excellent.

Any bells and whistles?

As straightforward as you could want it to be, with the most outrageous bonus credits currently available (but bizarrely only on Wednesdays…….)

So how do we rate Mp3Sale?

Music selection      9.5/10

Ease of use            8.5/10

Value for money     8.5/10

Overall     9/10

Mp3Sale has been around for a long time, and is perhaps looking a little dated. The advantage of this though is that it has a massive back catalogue of music. Most of the more recent additions are sampled at higher bitrates (up to 320 kBps) at no additional cost. The costing in euros can be a little misleading – if you are on a really tight budget make sure you compare costs with other sites using a currency converter. However it has perhaps the best bonus credits of any site, so any small change in currency exchange is made up for by the sheer amount of free music available. Recommended!

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