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Albums available                        125,000

Track cost                                    $0.15

Average cost / album                $1.50    (20% discount on total number of tracks)

Payment Methods                      Visa / Mastercard

Bonus credits                              Up to $35  (for $50 deposit)

Bitrates                                          Variable up to 320kBps

How does Soundike work?

Soundike is, like most other allofmp3-alikes, a pay in advance music store. You create an account by entering your email address and a password, then credit your account using a credit card. You browse the site, download the albums or tracks you want and your account decreases by the value of your downloads. Once you reach zero credit, you recharge your account and start again…..

Are my credit card details safe?

Payments to Soundike are secured through Geotrust, a well known digital certificate provider. There is a link to geotrust on the payment page to prove the security certificate is valid.

What music genres does Soundike provide?

Basically everything. The site provides all of the main charts (eg USA Top 100, UK Top 75, MTV chart etc), and covers over 140 genres, from Contemporary Christian to Death Metal via every kind of music you can think of in between.

How do I download?

Purchasing music is simple – type the album / track / artist you’re after using the predictive search box – this lists everything in the database starting with the letters you’ve typed. Once you have your artist, all releases are listed – you can choose albums at this point, or drill down further if you are looking for particular tracks. The file size, bitrate and number of tracks are stated  – to buy just click the link next to the album / track. This puts your music in your shopping cart. Once you’ve finished shopping just click on your cart, and all of the music you’ve selected can be downloaded (or deleted from the cart if you’ve changed your mind). Your balance is then reduced by the cost of the tracks. Download speeds are reasonable (3 minutes to download an 11 track album with a 320b/s bitrate). Any music you have bought stays in your cart forever, so if your pc goes bang and you need to download it again you won’t have to re-pay.

Any bells and whistles?

Once registered with Soundike, your account is credited with $0.30. This allows you to download any two tracks you like to make sure you’re happy with the way the site works before you pay any money. Nice touch.

So how do we rate Soundike?

Music selection      9/10

Ease of use            9.5/10

Value for money     8/10

Overall     9/10

One of the best music download sites currently available. It doesn’t offer the best bonuses, or the cheapest downloads, but the overall experience is excellent due to the well laid out and easy to navigate site. This lets you search easily through the huge music database – if you can’t find what you’re looking for at Soundike, chances are you’ll struggle to find it anywhere else. Highly Recommended!

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