– the world’s second most popular mp3 download site. Since it disappeared last year, many similar sites have launched, promising the same low cost, high quality, DRM free music downloads.

But many of these sites offered poor quality, rehashed lists of other site’s music databases, and very convoluted payment methods, leaving music fans justifiably reluctant to credit accounts with their hard earned cash…..

Luckily the last few months has seen the better sites become more established, and the dodgier outfits gradually disappear.

We decided to sit down and review the allofmp3 alternative sites. Our key criteria were high quality music, album & track cost, security of payments, and site stability.

Overall we were pleasantly surprised by the results – there are genuine replacements for amongst the also-rans.

We reviewed 11 sites – only three met our main criteria:-

  • Low track cost with discounts for albums – Average album cost maximum $2.
  • Large music database covering all genres – All new releases & substantial back catalogue.
  • Secure payment through a recognised third party – payment transactions secure, with details not held by site.
  • High quality, DRM free downloads – High bitrate mp3 downloads that can be played on any device (you’ve paid for it – you should be able to lisen to it on whatever you want).


Our No1 Choice :-

       MP3 Fiesta

mp3fiesta screenshot“Still the best allofmp3 alternative site in 2008”


By far the closest experience to that we came across – if you were familiar with the old site, finding your way around MP3Fiesta is a piece of cake.

There are 124,000 albums within the database, covering absolutely every genre (including some we had never heard of!).

Downloads are immediately available and fast.

The search facility is excellent – music can be found by genre, band, album or even track, and the navigation is very similar to allofmp3.mp3fiesta score

A 30 second preview is available for any track, just to make sure you are downloading the music you vaguely remember from that party you were at last week……

All in all the best mp3 downloading experience.

Rating – 9.8/10 

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